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David Hussey




Stats: 6’3”

Degree: BFA Southern Methodist University

Location: Los Angeles, CA



RANDOM SHOOTING IN L.A.            Lead                           NFP Prod./ Jeffrey Delman, Dir.

MR. SATURDAY NIGHT                     Featured                     Columbia/ Billy Crystal, Dir.

ROCKETS RED GLARE                     Supporting                  Argus Entertainment/ Joe Manduke, Dir.
MICHAEL’S WEDDING                       Lead                           NFP Prod./ Matt Keener, Dir.

BLUE CHIPS                                       Supporting                  Paramount/ Will Friedkin, Dir.

THINGS II: MORE THINGS                Lead                            Sterling Entertainment/ Mike Bowler, Dir.      

IT TAKES TWO                                   Supporting                  UA/ David Beaird, Dir.

PARAMEDICS                                     Featured                     Vestron/ Stuart Margolin, Dir.



VH-1 REALITY WRAP-UP                  Host                             VH-1

BECKER                                              Guest Star                  CBS Productions/

ARLISS                                                Guest Star                  HBO Productions/ Michael Grossman, Dir.

PENSACOLA                                       Guest Star                  Stu Segall Prod./ Peter Ellis, Dir.

MAD TV                                               Guest Star                  Jones, Salzman Prod./ David Gressman, Dir.

NOTHING PERSONNEL (Pilot)           Supporting                  Team Effort Films/ Matt Garcia, Dir.

FINDING THE WAY HOME                  Supporting                  Peter K. Duchow Ent./ Rod Holcomb, Dir.

L.A. HEAT                                            Guest Star                  PM Entertainment/ Richard Pepin, Dir.

APOLLO 11 (MOW)                             Supporting                  Appollo Prod./ Norberto Barba, Dir.

DANGEROUS CURVES                      Guest Star                  TPT, Inc./ CBS/ Ron Satlof, Dir

Theatre (Selection)
2010 - present
2010 - present

THE ODD COUPLE                              Oscar Madison               Derby Dinner Playhouse, IN.  

ELF                                                        Buddy The Elf                Derby Dinner Playhouse, IN

HAMLET                                                Hamlet                           Ft. Worth Shakespeare in the Park

KING LEAR                                            Fool                               Taos, NM, Michael Bogdonov, dir.

A FUNNY THING…FORUM                  Pseudolus                     Bob Hope Theatre, Dallas, Andre De Shields, dir.

HENRY IV, Parts I and II                        Prince Hal/Henry V       Ft. Worth Shakespeare in the Park

IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST   Algernon                       Margo Jones Theatre, Dallas

TAMING OF THE SHREW                    Tranio / Lucentio            Ft. Worth SITP / Tustin, CA

THE WIZARD OF OZ                            Scarecrow/Hunk            Bass Hall, Casa Manana Theatre, Forth Worth

COLD COFFE AND TURTLE SOUP     Alternating Lead Roles  Avery Schreiber Theatre, Los Angeles

GRAVEYARD SHIFT                             Rick                               Minetta Lane Theatre, Off-Broadway Fringe Fest.

TEN STABS FOR TEN BULLETS         Michael Bailey               Beverly Hills Playhouse

THE DEATH OF BESSIE SMITH          The Intern                      The Zephyr Theater, Hollywood


Won DRAMA-LOGUE AWARD for BEST DIRECTOR for "Search and Destroy" at the Tamarind Theatre, L.A.

Training, Workshops, Special Skills

Milton Katselas’ Advanced Acting Class— 6 years



EDITH RENSHAW AWARD for Outstanding Undergraduate Actor at SMU

8 years Acting, Dance, Improv with Creative Arts Theatre School, Arlington, Texas

Private Vocal Study under Ginny Falck, Patti Allison, Dan Callaway


Lead Vocalist, Composer, Instrumentalist with Progressive Rock Band XNA (

Many Years Singer with GENESIS and YES tribute bands in Los Angeles


Singing, Dancing, Stage Combat, Juggling, Violin, Guitar, Keyboards, Skiing, Fencing, Bullwhip Cracking, Horseback Riding, Tennis, Raquetball, Soccer, Swimming, Great with Children and Animals

Dialects: American Regional and  Many European, International


COMMERCIALS Over 50 National Commercials SUTTON, BARTH, & VENNARI  (213) 938-6000

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